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Dr Liana Cahill Name: Dr Liana Cahill
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Dr Liana Cahill is an occupational therapy lecturer and researcher in the School of Allied Health, teaching into the Bachelor of Occupational Therapy.  Liana specialises in adult neurological rehabilitation and has worked as an occupational therapist across acute, inpatient rehabilitation and community settings in Australia, the United Kingdom and South Africa.  She has completed a PhD on the topic of stroke rehabilitation and knowledge translation and also has a Masters of Public Health. 



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Cahill, L.S., Mak-Yuen, Y., Lannin, N.A., Neilson, C., O&rsquoConnor, D., Carey, L.M. (2021, March 30-31).  Improving the use of standardised assessments in upper limb stroke rehabilitation: Preliminary results from a knowledge translation study [Oral presentation]. Evidence and Implementation Summit, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Cahill, L.S., Carey, L.M., Lannin, N.A., Turville, M., Neilson, C., Lynch, E.A., McKinstry, C.E., Han, J.X., O&rsquoConnor, D. (2020, Nov 7-9). Translating knowledge to practice in stroke rehabilitation: A Cochrane systematic review and meta-analysis [Poster presentation]. European Stroke Organisation and World Stroke Organisation Virtual Conference.

Cahill, L., Mak-Yuen, Y.Y., McCluskey, A., Neilson, C., O&rsquoConnor, D., Lannin, N.A., Carey, L.M. (2019, March 22). Translating evidence for the rehabilitation of post-stroke sensory loss: perspectives of occupational therapists and physiotherapists [Oral presentation]. 3rd Victorian Allied Health Research Conference, Melbourne, VIC, Australia. (Oral Presentation: Awarded Most Outstanding Oral Presentation for Research Impact)

Cahill, 22 March 2019 L., Carey, L.M., Lannin, N.A., Han, J.X., Turville, M., Neilson, C., Lynch, E., McKinstry, C., O&rsquoConnor, D. (2019, July 10-12). How effective are knowledge translation strategies in stroke rehabilitation? A systematic review [Extended oral presentation] 28th Occupational Therapy National Conference, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Cahill, L.S., Mak-Yuen, Y.Y., Turville, M., Nielsen, B., Neilson, C., Lannin, N.A., Carey, L.M. (2018, August 7-10) Ready, willing and able? Occupational therapists&rsquo and physiotherapists&rsquo perspectives on changing practice in rehabilitation of upper-limb sensory-loss with stroke survivors [Oral presentation]. 28th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Stroke Society of Australasia (SSA) Smart Strokes Conference, Sydney, NSW, Australia.



Liana is currently involved in research in the area of adult neurological rehabilitation and the translation of knowledge to practice.

She is involved in an Australian multi-site study 'Translating Neurorehabilitation Research into Clinical Practice: The SENSe Implement Project'.  This implementation study involves eight health organisations in metropolitan and rural areas and investigates the effect of introducing an evidence-based treatment approach to occupational therapists and physiotherapists providing somatosensory rehabilitation to stroke survivors.  The SENSe Implement study is led by Professor Leeanne Carey through the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health and La Trobe University.

Liana Cahill is the lead author on a Cochrane review investigating the effectiveness of implementation interventions in stroke rehabilitation.


Liana has a 15-year history of clinical practice and education of students in the workplace and university settings.  She has taught in tertiary education at La Trobe University from 2011-2014 and commenced at Australian Catholic University mid-2014.


Professional Memberships

Liana is a registered Occupational Therapist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and is a member of Occupational Therapy Australia. She is a member of the Stroke Foundation and Cochrane Australia Living Guidelines project. 


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