Staff Directory

Professor Gert-Jan Pepping Name: Professor Gert-Jan Pepping
Deputy Head of School (QLD)
+617 3623 7550
Organisational Area
Faculty of Health Sciences
School of Behavioural and Health Sciences (QLD)
Exercise Science Bldg(Bldg.211 - 1100 Nudgee Road, Banyo QLD 4014)-Level 1-Room1.04
Biographical Information
Gert-Jan Pepping (Professor) joined ACU in 2014. He studied Movement Sciences at the Free University in Amsterdam before completing his PhD at the University of Birmingham, UK, in the area of perceptuo-motor control/sport psychology. Gert-Jan has over 20 years of international experience of working in academia as well as doing research in sports medicine and working with sports teams in the UK, the Netherlands and Australia. Gert-Jan is the Deputy Head for the School of Behavioural and Health Sciences at Banyo, the Brisbane campus, and the research-lead of the Perception-in-Action research group.
Gert-Jan performs research into Psychology, Perception and Action-, Motor Control-, and Decision-Making in Ageing, Built Environment, Sport-Exercise-Healthy Ageing.

Education, research and consultancy takes place in the following areas:
  • Visual exploration and situation awareness.
  • Affordances and action-boundary perception.
  • Locomotor pointing and falls.
  • Innovation and wearable technology in sport exercise and healthy ageing.
  • Built environment.
  • Decisions in sport, exercise and health situations.

Mohr, M., Federolf, P., Pepping, G.-J., Stein, T., van Andel, S., & Weir, G. (2023). Editorial: Human movement and motor control in the natural environment. Front Bioeng Biotechnol, 11, 1210173.

Patil, G., Nalepka, P., Novak, A., Auletta, F., Pepping, G.-J., Fransen, J., Kallen, R. W., & Richardson, M. J. (2023). Dynamical biomarkers in teams and other multiagent systems. J Sci Med Sport, 26 Suppl 1, S9-S13.   

Pepping, G.-J., & McGuckian, T. (2022). Investigating situation awareness via visual exploration in high-intensity multi-agent activity using wearable technology. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 25, S18.

le Rossignol, P., Miles, S., Saunders, J., & Pepping, G.-J. (2022). Physical activity in university health science students: Motivations influencing behaviors. Journal of American College Health, 1-8.

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Cronström, A., Cole, M., Chalkley, D., Van Andel, D., Pepping, G.-J., & Creaby, M. W. (2022). Acute effect of traditional and adaptive metronomes on gait variability in older individuals with a history of falls. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research.

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LaGoy, A. D., Sinnott, A. M., Ambarian, M., Pepping, G.-J., Simpson, R. J., Agha, N. H., et al. (2020). Differences in affordance-based behaviors within an isolated and confined environment are related to sleep, emotional health and physiological parameters. Acta Astronautica, 176, 238&ndash246.

Brymer, E., Araujo, D., Davids, K., & Pepping, G.-J. (2020). Conceptualising the human health and wellbeing outcomes of acting in natural environments: An ecological perspective. Frontiers in Psychology.

McGuckian, T. B., Beavan, A., Mayer, J., Chalkley, D., & Pepping, G.-J. (2020). The association between visual exploration and passing performance in high-level U13 and U23 football players. Science and Medicine in Football.

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McGuckian, T. B., Cole, M., Chalkley, D., Jordet, G., & Pepping, G.-J. (2020). Constraints on visual exploration of youth football players during 11v11 match-play: The influence of playing role, pitch position and phase of play. Journal of Sports Sciences 38(6).

Eagle, S. R., Kontos, A. P., Pepping, G.-J., Johnson, C. D., Sinnott A., LaGoy, A., Connaboy, C. (2020). Increased risk of musculoskeletal injury following sport-related concussion: a perception-action coupling approach. Sports Medicine, 50(1), 15-23. doi: 10.1007/s40279-019-01144-3.

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van Andel, S., McGuckian, T. B., Chalkley, D., Cole, M. H., & Pepping, G.-J. (2019). Principles of the Guidance of Exploration for Orientation and Specification of Action. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 13, 734&ndash11.

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Porter, C., Greenwood, D., Panchuk, D., & Pepping, G.-J. (in press). Learner-adapted practice promotes skill transfer in unskilled adults learning the basketball set shot. European Journal of Sports Science.

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Pritchard, B. T., Stanton, W., Lord, R., Petocz, P. & Pepping, G.-J. (2017). Factors Affecting Measurement of Salivary Cortisol and Secretory Immunoglobulin A in Field Studies of Athletes. Frontiers in Endocrinology. http:

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Smith, J., & Pepping, G.-J. (2010). Reaction time and movement time in the actualisation of afforded action. Ecological Psychology, 22(2), 119 &ndash 149. doi:10.1080/10407411003720080


Current Research Students (HDR)
2022 - present date: Irene Jao (Ph.D.). Conceptualizing Epistemic Injustice in Global Health Ethics: Where Is Global Ethics Health Knowledge Solicited From? (Co-supervisor, ACU)
2022 - present date: Nicholas Quinn (M.Phil.) Constraint measures in Australian Rules Football: Framework for informing training design in complex sporting environments. (Principal Supervisor, ACU Brisbane)
2021 -present date: Hannah Forbes (Ph.D.) Co-operative spaces: An ecological perspective examining participation, health, and well-being in intergenerational programs (Principal Supervisor, ACU Brisbane)
2021 - present date: Mizan Ahmad (Ph.D.) Understanding the role of personality, culture, and motive: Conceptualising a framework for an effective intergenerational program (Principal Supervisor, ACU Brisbane)
2018 - present date: Courtney Porter (Ph.D.) Understanding and measuring the transfer of decision-making and related perceptual skills in expert team-sport performers (Co-Supervisor, Queensland University of Technology).
2017 - present date: Geoffrey Warman (Ph.D.) Investigating the relationship between visual exploratory behaviours, posture and physiological load in field hockey athletes. (Principal Supervisor, ACU Brisbane).

Research Grants
2020An Inter-generational Learning and Living Campus: A New Model for Healthy Senior Living and Integrated School Communities across Urban and Regional Australia (AU$1,156,152.75 CI-C). NHMRC Ideas Grant.
2019Promoting gait adaptability through organized walking in the community: a pilot study (AU$10,000 PI). ACU, FHS Research Project Grant.
2018Virtual Reality Track Cycling Simulator(AU$100k Co-Investigator). Sports Science Innovation Grant, Advance Queensland.
2018Understanding and measuring the transfer of decision-making and related perceptual skills in expert team-sport performers (AU$62,500 Co-PI). University of the Sunshine Coast/ Queensland Academy of Sport.
2017 The contribution of perceptuo-motor deficits to falls in high-risk clinical groups. ACU Undergraduate Research Internship (AU$2,000 PI). ACU.
2016 Developing Technology to Investigate Exploration and Perception-Action Expertise for Interpersonal Decision-Making in Field Hockey (PhD Scholarship, AU$105,000 PI). ACU/Queensland Academy of Sport.
2015    Improving Postural Sway Control in Elite Archers Using Biofeedback Training Tools. Australian Institute of Sport (AU$18,500 PI). QAS (Queensland Academy of Sport).
2014    Characterization of Psychological Risk, Overlap with Physical Health, and Associated Performance in Isolated, Confined, Extreme (ICE) Environments (US$950,000 Collaborator). NASA.
2007    Improving the Scientific Infrastructure for Sports, Exercise, and Health Related Research in Groningen (&euro251,000). ZonMW (the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development). UMCG, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.
2007     Effectiveness of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy in Jumping Athletes with Patellar Tendinopathy (&euro250,000). ZonMW (the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development). UMCG, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.
2007    The Groningen Novice Running Project 2 (GRONORUN 2) (&euro250,000). ZonMW (the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development), program Sports, Physical Activity and Health. UMCG, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.
2006    New Care for Tendinopathy Sufferers: The Tendinopathy Clinic (&euro27,500). United Healthcare Insurers & University Medical Centre Groningen, the Netherlands.
2005    Sonic aids for physiotherapy: overcoming movement difficulties in Parkinson&rsquos disease (£5,000). Small Project Grant, University of Edinburgh Development Trust.
2004    Developing tools to assess and improve co-ordination in children with DCD (£5,000). Research Fund, University of Edinburgh Development Trust.
2003    Scottish centre for interdisciplinary research on directed movement in cells (£30,000). Carnegie Trust. Department of Psychology, University of Edinburgh.
2003 Assessing co-ordination of movement in children with perceptuo-motor problems. ESRC-studentship Joanne Smith.
2002    Assessing co-ordination of movement in children with perceptuo-motor problems (£4,950). Small Project Grant, University of Edinburgh Development Trust.



I have extensive research experience in the field of embodied healthy ageing, an area of science that has its roots in the understanding of human movement and its role in ageing and performance. His research explores innovative avenues for the optimisation of environments for human performance and healthy activity. I have national, and international collaborations with multiple overseas universities and I have successfully secured research funding from local and nationally competitive funding bodies. I review manuscripts for leading journals in movement science, hold peer review editorial positions and review grants for national and international organisations. I am an executive member of the Australasian Skill Acquisition Network and have served as scientific chair and organised international research conferences. I am the research lead for the Perception-in-Action research and STOP-Falls research group at ACU.


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