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Dr Judy Hough Name: Dr Judy Hough
Deputy Head, School of Allied Health QLD
+617 3623 7625
Organisational Area
Faculty of Health Sciences
National School of Allied Health
Saint John Paul II Building(Bldg.212 - 1100 Nudgee Road, Banyo QLD 4014)-Level 1-Room1.12
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Senior Lecturer, Course Coordinator Physiotherapy, Brisbane

Judy Hough is a physiotherapist researcher and academic. She works clinically as a physiotherapist consultant in the neonatal nursery at Mater Mothers Hospital and is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Child Health Research Centre - UQ. Clinically she provides advice on infant respiratory management to physiotherapists around the world. At ACU she leads paediatric and evidence-based physiotherapy practice and supervises students in the embedded honours program. Her research vision is to advance the supportive respiratory care of critically ill children and babies by using innovative bedside imaging and physiological tools such as electrical impedance tomography and lung ultrasound. Her research interests are in respiratory management of the infant and child and the use of technologies to measure lung function.


2009      PhD in the field of physiotherapy - UQ
1996      Master of Physiotherapy (Research) - UQ
1987      Bachelor of Physiotherapy - UQ
1982      Bachelor of Human Movement Studies



ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4264-9823

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Karly Montgomery, Nancy Low Choy, Michael Steele, Judith Hough. (2014) The effectiveness of quarter turn from prone in maintaining respiratory function in premature infants: a randomised cross-over trial. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health. 50 (12): 972 &ndash 977.doi:10.1111/jpc.12689

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  • Respiratory care in neonatal and paediatric intensive care
  • Outcome measures used in the assessment of lung function by physiotherapists in critical care.
  • Cochrane systematic reviews



  • High Flow Dose Finding Study in PICU (Goldilocks).

Collaborators: Queensland Children&rsquos Hospital (QCH), Paediatric Critical Care Research Group (PCCRG)

  • Electrical Impedance Tomography of Neonates with Respiratory Distress Syndrome during nebulised surfactant.

Collaborators: Aerogen Pharma, Mater Health

  • Ventilation distribution of Patients with Neuromuscular Disease using the vest.

Collaborators: Physiotherapy Dept, QCH

  • Ventilator Impedance Tomography in Adults.

Collaborators: Mater Health

  • Prediction model of chest circumference in children.

Collaborators: Sentec, Switzerland

  • Change of Respiratory Function during ECLS: a Pilot Study to Identify Pulmonary Predictors of Outcome.

Collaborators: QCH, PCCRG

  • High-flow oxygen for children&rsquos airway surgery &ndash The HAMSTER trial.

PhD supervision

  • COVID-19 &ndash Clinical challenges, strategies and morbidity post-infection.

PhD supervision

2021 -         Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Children's Health Research - UQ
2002 -         Physiotherapist Consultant, Neonatal Units, Mater Health Services, South Brisbane
1998-2002  Clinical Specialist, Physiotherapist, PICU/NICU, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
1995-1998  Physiotherapist, Neonatal Units, Royal Women's Hospital, Brisbane
1994-1995  Physiotherapist, Cardiac Units, Wesley Hospital, Brisbane
1987-1994  Physiotherapist, Mater Health Services, Brisbane
Professional Memberships
  • Registered Physiotherapist (AHPRA)
  • Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)
  • Member of APA Cardiothoracic National Special Group
  • Member of APA Paediatric National Special Group
  • Member of the Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand (PSANZ)
  • Member of European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care (ESPNIC)
  • Member of Neonatal Infant Therapy Interest Group (NITIG)

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